Tuesday, 16 April 2024
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EMA Construction performs in the subjects of construction- application, project (architectural, structural, plumbing, interior design, decorating and landscaping) and project management (inspection and consultancy); implementations about offices, residences, stores, restaurants, shopping centres for project design, coarse, fine, decorative and regulatory issues. Moreover, EMA Construction produce solutions with coordination between different disciplines. Consultancy and Control services are provided all about these above applications.

The aim is that contemporary design solutions are expected to be met with the user needs and design the solutions.

Detailed project, selection of quality and appropriate materials, rigorous budgeting, master craftsmanship and delivery is on time in construction works are achieved in the light of the harmony of function and aesthetics in mind by our company.

Functionality, contemporary forms, requirements, ensuring space to reflect on identity solutions are finding on fictionalized facilities.

The facilities are creating as space components shaped by their relationships with each other, open to change and development, functional, contemporary design with modern identity exhibiting spaces.

Customer satisfaction and personalized solutions are the most important principle for us.